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Red Skull direct Damage


Something doesn’t make sense to me.

Looking at Red Skulls Abilities it says

Consume 1 Personal Armor Up Buff to Power Drain 10% of the Opponent’s Max Power and deal 392.7 Direct Damage for each Armor Up Buff on Red Skull.

So my assumption was if I use a Power Drain immune champ like Terrax, the second part of the condition would also not trigger. Like it works in the rest of the game.

But that’s not the case, I still take direct damage.

Especially with his new kit including Autoblock and Anti-parry this feels overpowered.


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    djr17djr17 Posts: 667 ★★★
    Consuming the armor is trying to do 2 distinct things. It tries to power drain, and that can fail. It also tries to do direct damage, which doesn't. The damage is not dependant on the power drain.

    If they wanted it to work the way you want, they would have changed it to power burn during his update.
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    Kyllak11Kyllak11 Posts: 98
    He has always still damaged those that were immune
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