Should I awaken Hawkeye?

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He's my best 5*, and I have a skill awakening gem. Should I awaken him or save it? Takes me a few months per 5*. Currently no awaken 5*'s

Should I awaken Hawkeye? 45 votes

Yes, you make never get a great skill 5* to use it on
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Hemorrhage sucks, save it
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  • _ASDF__ASDF_ Posts: 842
    Hemorrhage sucks, save it
    He’s my best 5*. As bad I’d like him awakened... I just can’t imagine wasting it on him for a meeehh awakened ability.
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    No, he doesn't need it. He's also my best 5* at 4/55 but he's not awakened and I also have a skill awakening gem from 5.3 100% and I'm saving it. Keep in mind it only really shines at VERY high sig levels so you may also need to have alot of sig stones to go with it. Maybe if the synergy with Taskmaster is true it may be more worth it (I'm waiting to see myself as I'm in the same spot as you) but right now, no, it's not. MAYBE if you get another skill awakening gem sure, if I get another one then for sure i'll use it on him but it's a no for now.
  • No. Sig isn’t worth it
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    Hemorrhage sucks, save it
    Hemorrhage doesn't sucks! But still, u should save it for a better champ like GP, Blade, Thor Ragnarok etc. Hawkeye is a good champ but he doesn't need to be awakened to be awesome.
  • Yes, you make never get a great skill 5* to use it on
    He helped me in master mode A LOT
  • No don't awaken him with stone but that's a great 5 star he is a beast but doesn't need it. Also during December event Modoks lab will be good for farming 5 star shards and I'm guessing Christmas calender will have a few too so you might get a different champion 5 star that would benefit from it more.
  • Hawkeye is a very great & underrated champ but I would never use a 5* AG on him 4* Yes!(depending on what champs you don’t have awakened but I actually just used a 4* AG on HE but I have every other skill in the game awakened) 5* AG’s are too rare & you’ll be kicking yourself if you pull a GP right after using it
  • Yes, you make never get a great skill 5* to use it on
    Even though hemorrage is subject to RNG (you may proc it, you may not), still worth awakening imo
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    It procs once per fight. Hence, no. Save your awakening gem.
  • Hemorrhage sucks, save it
    Hemorrhage doesn't suck but I wouldn't use a 5* gem on him. 4* gem maybe.
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