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content review now that revive farming is gone

Qwerty12345Qwerty12345 Posts: 796 ★★★
Now that revive farming is gone... a wholistic review of things which are or once were end game content I think would be in order.

Granted some content got easier for those who haven't done it yet by waiting (e.g. Abyss, now you can bring in much beefier champions with longer enrage timers)... and maybe some of that should be on the table... but I'm thinking about things that have never been, nor can ever be done in a reasonable number of revives.

I'll use as example: the starlord Carina's challange. Yes, it has got easier since release. We now can asscend our Starlord, and attach a relic. But compare that to top players in the game needing over 50 revives to get through (the same youtubers who can do Abyss and Necropolis runs itemless)... thinking anyone would do it today... is possibly sillier than Brian Grant's recent duck run through the necropolis, as he at least had said free items farmed.

We point to how act 5 can now be auto-fought with 7 stars... but there are a few reasons for it... yes we have better champs... but that content was nerfed to the ground in 3 ways (number of lanes, number of fights in a lane, and difficulty of the fights) and 2 of those 3 made farming much, much easier.

Rather than re--re-re-nerfing act 6 again next... please look at other content that needs a combintion of difficulty tuning or alternatively rewards boosting to make going through that chore worth while... otherwise... "free up the game space" and just remove them.
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