Missing Prime Gaming Rewards

I had previously claimed Decemeber's prime gaming reward by using the Amazon App and going to the prime gaming page which redirects to the app store to then in-game where the rewards are shown in a pop up. However I claimed the Bullseye Bundle today Jan 16th the same way and I have not received anything in a couple of hours. I don't know how to send a ticket either, please help.


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    mdangerpowersmdangerpowers Posts: 27
    I am having the same problem. Changed to camera. Scanned the code from amazon gaming. Went to safari. From some reason went to the app store. Finally after opening the game from the app store, the usual "Pending Action" message came up. Hit "Yes" but after that nothing, zero, nada. Tried to trouble shoot but still nothing in messages, rewards, or new champs.

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    Mike3034Mike3034 Posts: 27
    Same issue for me too
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