Who to R2?

I kinda wanna go with wiccan for necropolis but ¿who else will be good for exploring act 8.2 and 8.1?


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    MiniMFMiniMF Posts: 848 ★★★★
    i would go shocker or joe, wiccan next probably but u dont need him at r2 for necro, he'll be good only for aarkus i believe (maybe im wrong) and last gm phase
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    Thokk150Thokk150 Posts: 72
    I'd go for wiccan as he's an amazing neutralize champ and can make some annoying necro fights very manageable, like the aformentioned aarkus but also galan that would be very difficult otherwise. Also having a champ that you are going to bring to every necro path at a r2 level is very useful, because you can get a lot more use out of lvl2 team revives.
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