The Final Matchup!

Wicket329Wicket329 Posts: 3,108 ★★★★★
FIGHTING out of the Skill corner, we have the night sky arachnid, BLACK TARANTULA:

FIGHTING out of the Mystic corner, we have hunting goddess, the spider-killer herself, SHATHRA:

Ladies, Gentlemen, all and none of the above, these are your contenders for your Summoner’s Choice champions! Take it (civilly) to the comments and make your pitches!


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    JLordVileJJLordVileJ Posts: 1,517 ★★★
    I feel like with tarantula, the endurance will be like kravens which is cool. Still struggle to vote without thinking about madame hydra lol. Kabam jax, if u r reading pls put captain hydra in for summoners choice next year, just a suggestion also I am convinced that the gamma champ in the livestream is weapon h
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    BigBlueOxBigBlueOx Posts: 1,597 ★★★★★
    Reading these… 🥱
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