3rd Year Anniversary Event!



  • MetroMetro Posts: 1
    Can u guys mak 5 star summoners crystal like 10 or 20 bucks for next anniversary? Please
  • Why don't we get iceman and why don't we get a tier 2 alpha cat for the final day same as last year **** rewards for a good time but gives a good range of potions
  • 6 star heroes are gonna be hard to rank up so don't expect a lot of people with high rating champs and not much people had rank 5 5 star hero
  • Da_Truth27Da_Truth27 Posts: 12
    kabam i love this game.... but how can a person level build with such little outcome for tier 4 catalyst run.... with the energy costing 4 energy per move its not worth the catalyst its less then 1000 for each color.... like wassup with that at least give a little more.... im wasting tons of energy for a measly 600-700 color catalysts... not even worth it
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