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Rebalance Bullseye yo

SecondSkrillerSecondSkriller Posts: 1,275 ★★★★★
So what I’ve noticed is that he’s pathetic on offense and too strong on defense. That gap should be reduced, I’m sure the statistics approve of this, he probably has over 90% win rate in battlegrounds still…

His Winter Soldier time right now at 7 star r2 is about 1:50, which is terrible, even worse than Kindred, I suggest bringing it down to 1:30 which is actually Killmonger’s time, still terrible, but serviceable.

As for his defensive power he’s absolutely terrible, the safeguard meta showed that pretty well I’m sure, having both bs guaranteed damage and the evade that slows down the fight is just too much when you think that this champion can come attached with nodes aswell.

His utility is great, just leave it as is.

I personally don’t want to see an Eternity of Pain version of him with insane nodes and stupid challenges in his current state and also feel bad using him because of how utterly bad he is on offense. Try to do him some justice, especially since a lot of people wanted him in the game and you know that.
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