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Morbius and Werewolf by Night - Balance Update

Hey all,

Balance Team here again with an update on the latest round of Champions up for review, Morbius and Werewolf by Night!


October’s first addition to the #Legion of Monsters was Morbius, designed to be a high-damage dealer that revisited classic Science utility such as Power and Regen control. We were pleased to see him immediately make an impact as a strong Attacker, especially during the Sugar Pill/Decay meta. Defensively, Morbius can catch Attackers off guard with his Unblockable Medium dash, but we’re seeing him effectively countered by a healthy spread of Champions. Overall, we’re happy with how Morbius landed, and he will be staying as is!

Werewolf By Night

The 2nd spooky Champion from October in Werewolf by Night came howling into the Battlerealm as a threatening Defender with strong Attacker potential in the right matchups or meta (looking at you Polka Dot Power + Power Shield meta!). As a Defender, we’re seeing players effectively counter his threats with Ability Power Rate control, as well as countering the Rupture Debuffs directly. As an Attacker, Werewolf by Night had a few Cosmic Defenders as targets in Gorr the God Butcher, Adam Warlock, and Hulkling and we're happy with his effectiveness in those matchups. No changes incoming for Werewolf!

What’s Next

With both of these Champions staying as is, we’re going to be releasing an update to Mister Sinister! This update will be focused on leaning into his Heavy Debuff pause loop and giving him more power as an Attacker. Mister Sinister’s timeline will look like:
43.1 March + 44.0 April Beta builds
44.1 May: Full release with changes
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