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Raids rewards

Deder80Deder80 Posts: 693 ★★★
Ok so it’s bugging me. I do not like the raids loot box. I personally think they should be selectors. At least give people a few options to choose from. Especially being some of us are spending units and only seeing 25% T6CCF. I for was not happy being I spent a lot of units to pull my team to the finish line to only get fragments when others who didn’t spend get an ultron. Very very very frustrating. So please kabam, at least make the loot boxes a selector. Or program the box to give players to give players who put the most work in higher odds at better rewards. The game rewards our efforts. It’s hard to watch another player do a lot less and get the best. Hope you guys are listening.
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    Asher1_1Asher1_1 Posts: 241 ★★
    There are many that don't get good rewards I got only 25% t6cc .just because u pay then buy t6cc 😂. Lagacy also mentioned in his videos he got 6/6 25% t6cc
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