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Deder80Deder80 Posts: 693 ★★★
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Kabam fix the controls. They absolutely suck right now. I can not even finish a 2 hit combo without my champs freezing, or dexing them my champ freezes, or how about even throwing a combo because after the first light no matter what my champ will do a head butt or some other medium. I’m a paying customer, but not for long if this is the kind of busy kabam runs. Don’t get me wrong I’m a huge supporter of this game but I’m really unhappy with the control inputs.


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    A_FungiA_Fungi Posts: 993 ★★★★
    This sounds more like a device issue. I haven't seen complaints like this on a large scale recently.
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    Vegeta9001Vegeta9001 Posts: 1,547 ★★★★★
    Parry window and dex'ing is inconsistent but nothing of the level you're describing.
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    NüΚΞNüΚΞ Posts: 168 ★★
    I have had issues with unfinished combos. Not heaving when I am trying to use that input and sometimes dashing backwards when I input to dash forward, (no inverted control node or champ with inverted control specials) just frequent enough to be annoying or question myself if I am being lazy with controls.

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