Spinning Wheels/BattlleGrounds

The most frustrating thing for me with BG is playing match after match and getting nowhere.
It is win, lose, win, win, lose, win, lose, lose, back at zero,…😢👿🤮with nothing to show for the time and effort.
And many matches are decided by a few 100 points, 49,897 to 49,698, it is a coin filp. (Walk await)
I lobby that victory of a single round even in. Lost match should count for something e.g 10, 15, 20… victories rounds make your next match victory permanent.
You would still need to actually win matches to advance but now you are incentivized to fight every round and not just quit out or play merely for the 48 hour 3 match participation 600 token reward.
Battle grounds can be the best of the game, don’t let it fail
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