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New alliance

Looking for a new alliance. Active daily. No line app at the moment but I can sign up if needed


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    LexSaviLexSavi Posts: 180
    edited April 4
    Awakened Fighters may be right for you. If you’re looking for a laid back, no drama, and no pressure alliance, we got you covered.

    Super chill alliance. No line required. Only mandatory aspect is to keep an AW defence set, and clear 4 fights per war. That’s it.

    We are currently Gold 4. We run maps 5/5/4. At least 1 BG for Raids that gets exploration. Decent BG alliance scores as well.

    About half our members have been with us for quite a few years. Some, like myself for 8+.

    DM me here or in game using same name here. Cheers!
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    Ayden_noah1Ayden_noah1 Posts: 1,379 ★★★★
    If you are still looking, we are a semi retired alliance enjoying the game. We currently run map 6x2 and map 4 x1. Map 6 is for groups that does raid so if you don't care you can run map 4. We do ask that you must at least help in AQ. We are gold 5 in war but attack is optional as long as you place defenders you would get the rewards. We aren't big on war so if you want to attack, you can just use the 40% revive at a cost of 1 loyalty. No requirement for BG but when special events come we get around 10.5 million on average. For a semi retired alliance we do well during gifting events. We do have require line app for communication and fun chats. Look me up in-game name and line app name is Ayden_noah1. Most of our members are Paragon with a few Valiants so you will fit in nicely.
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    Meister_of_LXMeister_of_LX Posts: 32
    Hi 50G88!

    [ΛVRHT] is looking for members. We are mainly an AQ focused alliance, we do maps 5 and 4 so it's very easy to grind some glory and all we ask our members is to participate daily in AQ and meet us on LINE. search for [ΛVRHT] if you're interested and request to join or add me "Herr Nietzsche" in-game.
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    DodolTalaDodolTala Posts: 62
    @50G We are a solid ally who try to balance between getting good rewards without being burnt out and RL. We do:

    Map6 all bgs for 5200 glory
    Low pressure easy G1 wars in season
    3bg Raids
    All Aq/aw/raids are always 100%
    No other minimums or requirements

    We do however require Line. Let me know pls if you are interested. Thanks
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    50G50G Posts: 5
    Found an alliance. Thanks everyone
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    PililPilil Posts: 8
    I’m pilil I’m a part of a gold 5 alliance called hard times. We are laid back mostly, aw is a requirement. Aq should be a requirement too but we’re working on that. We had to kick two guys because they was freeloading so we’re looking to fill those spots in, hope you like my pitch. Add me in game at pilil if you wanna see if you fit with us.
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