AW rewards

I was under the assumption we were receiving rewards a tier higher than ours upon completion of the season. I received the tier I was in.


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    SummonerNRSummonerNR Posts: 10,944 Guardian
    To summarize the official final comments on this.. (and here it is..)


    They had already adjusted (several days ago) the AW Season Reward Table that is displayed in-game, to show the Reward stuff for what used to be a Tier higher.

    So when people got the Season Rewards in Mail, and then went and looked at the complete Season Rewards Table in game, and saw that what they received was matching what the table showed for the SAME Tier. That is correct.

    Because you are looking at a Reward Table that has already been adjusted in game to represent 1 Tier's worth higher of stuff that what it used to show in game if you had taken a screenshot of it at some EARLIER point in the season. (Or look at some older posts up here that showed what the original Rewards were initially set at for this past season.)

    Example, Platinum 1 got that Title, which normally was only for Masters. Etc, all the way down the line.
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