Block Failing or Dropping

Myself and a few alliance members have been having issues with block. Twice in a row fighting av mini boss in map 3 my block dropped right in the middle of av doing his s1. First time it was with Spark. I was holding block but Spark evaded and then got hit by final shot of the special and bled to death. So I thought it was just an evade issue. But then I used bw to finish the fight and she koed the same way. I was holding block securely and successfully blocking the first animation of av’s s1 when suddenly the block dropped and I was hit by the projectile sequence of the animation. The next av mini my alliance members began commenting that their blocks were failing too.
We usually do Map 5 all week with our bks easily soloing the minis and often dormamum.
I’m keen to hear if other players are having blocking issues.
What game mode? What opponent? What champ where you using? Did your block fail entirely or did it drop suddenly? It might be most helpful if people report the most obvious cases, ie not moments when parry failed or might have been mis-timed. (There appears to be a separate thread for parry issues. I want to collect info just about the block issues.)



    Been fighting for this HUGE problem to be addressed since AUGUST 19TH!!!!!!!! IT'S ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS!!!!
  • @Affliction yeah, I’m familiar with that issue you described too. Huge issue!
    Since it’s block dropping or failing while fighting mechanics are working I wonder if it’s a new bug. For all I know, perhaps it’s a bug introduced when they tried to fix the original bug. Lol! *Sigh! *Cry!
  • Jkw634Jkw634 Posts: 156
    I am wondering if kabam has changed the way unblockable specials work. Just facing a joe fix it unblockable specials evade first part of s1 and go to block the bullets got hit every time
  • This was not an unblockable special.
  • Probably a dropped block brotha. Like this...
  • Absolutely sick of it...
  • Don't know if this is to do with it

    But.. I faced gambit in AW and was holding block as he did his L1 and got stunned whilst blocking

    It wasn't a Unblockable node
  • That's been happening to me a ton tonight. Mid special I go from blocking to taking damage. Cost me some revives in Labs. Good to see I'm not alone in this.
  • This has been a serious issue since the Ant-Man update back in the day! It hasn't gotten any better either. Same core problems with the core mechanics of the game. That's what blows me away! These are the core functions of your game. Dash, block, and attack. There wasn't ever any issue with the functionality of the controls pre-Ant-Man. So what happened?
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