Ready for new home.

It’s a bad day for me for leaving my friends because of season work 2-3 months but I’m still having time for this game , we all do.
I need something chill. And I hope you are all doing good
I work with line if needed
My id: entchevv

AQ AW as low as possible


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    greyblue42greyblue42 Posts: 127
    We might be what you are looking for…

    I just sent you a friend request.

    AQ - 3 BGs : Map245 / Epic Modifiers (THU to SUN)
    AW - 2 BGs during Season / 1 BG offseason

    Alliance Rating 76 Mil
    War Rating 2356
    Gold 5

    Active Players in all parts of the Game
    Players from all around the Globe

    Requirements – being active and Cavalier+

    Alliance Tag: KR33!
    Alliance Name: The Terran Kree
    My IGN & Line-handle: GREYBLUE42
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    DoomanDooman Posts: 92
    If you happen to also have discord. Lets chat. mrdooman
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    BarnabasCollinsBarnabasCollins Posts: 103
    AWG4, AQ 6/4 for 4000+ glory, BGs about 6 million last season. Relaxed but active group. Jake Jortles in game.
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    Doc62Doc62 Posts: 48
    Doc-62 on line, gold3 ally pretty chill, AQ6655, Battlegrounds and Raids optional
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    Ml43jetsMl43jets Posts: 21
    Did you find an alliance yet? If not, we might be just what you are looking for. Send me a friend request in the game, Ml43jets.
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    OzFearUsOzFearUs Posts: 244
    We are looking for someone. AQ focused 5X4 3 bgs. We do 2 bgs in AW usually finish gold 5. Legion of Monsters
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    Boruto_sanBoruto_san Posts: 22
    @OzFearUs just sent an in game request see if I qualify. I can grow fast
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