Time to update RAIDS.

CulteeCultee Posts: 155
I’m sure most of the alliances are already finished with raids. Maybe give us a second day of doing another raid. But a whole AQ week isn’t necessary for one raid.


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    CulteeCultee Posts: 155
    PT_99 said:

    Unfortunately most alliances also haven't finished with raids

    Yeah you guys can stay finishing your one, nobody is going to force you to do more. But have there be an option to keep going like incursions or something. If an alliance can do more than one in a week let there be an option.
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    FenicoFenico Posts: 307 ★★★
    Maybe they should let us play it around 4 times a week. Preferably we will have more paths that we can take solo divided 3 sections. Sounds familiar...

    The whole point of Raids is to have a chill week. Don't try to take it from us. If you want to play every day you can run normal AQ maps as usual.
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    ShuGokisShuGokis Posts: 432 ★★★
    As much as i enjoy raids I like having the option of finishing it day 1 and not have to worry about anything AQ related for the week.
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    Ayden_noah1Ayden_noah1 Posts: 1,276 ★★★★
    I'm a big fan of doing Raids in less than 24 hours and takine the next 6 days off. I don't have the currency to run raids more than once every 4 cycles. Raid tickets aren't cheap. Let's slow down on multi Raids per week.
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    xNigxNig Posts: 7,260 ★★★★★
    Gladly NOT have another round of Raids within the time span. 1-2 days is enough to fully explore the map. The other days are just a nice break from running AQ.
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