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AW Bug Not Being Punished??

Blue_007Blue_007 Posts: 43
edited May 15 in General Discussion
Dear Kabam,

After reading your post on the forums that has been shared throughout line and discord through many communities I highly am upset, as well as many many many of your players I believe the only ones that won’t be upset with that are the alliances that benefited from having players cheat and abuse, the game that has a bug at the moment to their advantage, which is clearly against TOS.

You have came to the conclusion that this will highly upset many players that played fairly, especially in modes like alliance war that did not cheat, but had members of their alliance, cheat and hurt many alliances in alliance war that had a full 30 members of their alliance compete fairly and not take advantage of this bug and not break TOS.

I truly believe as a player who has never once cheated in this game and I never plan to that there are many many players and alliances that have their team 100% not cheat that have lost wars due to being matched against alliances that did cheat, and by not taking action on these cheaters is an insult to all the alliances that completely played fairly.

I know many alliances had players that played fairly, but they also have players that cheated and those cheaters should 100% be banned for whatever time, you seem fit and those alliances should be docked in alliance war. I know that not everyone cheated, but it has to set an example that this will not be tolerated because if you allow this to go by with no punishment to these cheaters and these alliances that benefited from these cheaters, this will cause a lot more grief than what you’re trying to avoid now by not taking any action l. There are so many clean alliances that spend so much time and yes money on this game to be victimized this way after all their honest hard work in this game for this to be the end result. Tchis is a complete spit in the face to all the alliances that did not take advantage of this and continued to play fairly and lost due to doing what was right.

Please reconsider and take the actions to make things right. Because what is right is right and what is wrong is wrong. Actions have consequences. This can and will make players quit the game due to putting in so much effort just to see that cheating is now being allowed as the new norm. Losing to alliances that historically have always had over 40+ attack deaths in the easier globals who now are under 20 in this global is insane. I saying this as a player who besides the spending I’ve shamefully done lol, I’ve played MCOC since the launch and you can check my account to prove it. Thanks for listening (reading) what I have to say as I truly believe I speak for all the non-cheaters here.

-Superman Blue


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    Red_Lightning02Red_Lightning02 Posts: 128
    edited May 15
    Will they get money out of doing it? The answer to this question will be the answer to your question.
    This game is long time ago already not being designed for the playerbase but only as a cash grabber
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    ArbenBishaArbenBisha Posts: 85
    Yeah, we getting screwed over by people that know it's a bug, so they exploit it intentionally and nothing happens? This is absurd and you're creating a very dangerous precedent here.
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    Blue_007Blue_007 Posts: 43

    Yeah, we getting screwed over by people that know it's a bug, so they exploit it intentionally and nothing happens? This is absurd and you're creating a very dangerous precedent here.

    Exactly. It’s such an insult to all the alliances who’ve played fairly and suffered losses due to it. It’s allowing cheating that effects every area of the game especially AW
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    PT_99PT_99 Posts: 3,419 ★★★★★
    ahmynuts said:

    When I'm entering an unnecessary essay competition and my opponent is Blue_007

    Even chatgpt refused to summarise it 💀
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