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Legend tile

Deder80Deder80 Posts: 693 ★★★
@kabam team will there be ways to earn the legends tile in the near future? Will you bring it back in other ways? Or if it gone for good?


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    DamageFactionDamageFaction Posts: 92
    I think it’s only been taken away as the proven/conqueror speed run because it’s incredibly dated now and there’s a huge difference in what it actually involves these days. When the legends speed run first came along these were the two hardest difficulties in the monthly quest, a guy in my alliance did it got his first r4 5* with the rewards. For anyone at Throne Breaker or higher these are now the lowest difficulty levels and with the ability to max 6’s and take 7*s to r3 it really isn’t the same achievement it used to be and probably more down to how fast your internet speed is rather how the good you are at the game. I think it will return at some point but will be more based on Cavalier/Throne Breaker difficulty. That’s my guess anyway but the legends title has been around for a long time now so there’s always the possibility they plan to replace it with something more up to date?

    I hope that guy that got Valiant in 21 days got one, its certainly a pretty legendary achievement in my opinion and I’m pretty sure Kabam could give him one if they really wanted to!!!
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    ShuGokisShuGokis Posts: 461 ★★★
    The only other way it could come back is through incursions in the future. Pretty sure speedruns for it is fully finished but who knows.
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    Deder80Deder80 Posts: 693 ★★★
    Ya I figured the speed run is done for good. I just want the tile and will fight for it any other way. I missed the incursion ones. If they bring it back through incursion again I’ll get it
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