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Shang-Chi vs Sos Onslaught (double objective FYI)

JimajohnJimajohn Posts: 101
For those who can try this match up, my 7* rank 1 shang-chi did just enough sp2 damage with 75 charges


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    Average_DesiAverage_Desi Posts: 270 ★★
    So like what's the gameplay. I haven't really had any experience with him. And mines R1 unawkend
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    ChaosMax1012ChaosMax1012 Posts: 3,101 ★★★★★
    You can also just dex the whole fight if you dont feel comfortable dexing his sp1. I noticed a pattern where i would perfectly dex his medium, block, he dashes back and holds black, then dashes in. You can repeat this and build up charges without ever needing to dex his sp1. If he does corner you however, you can MLLLM through block, heavy, and get the cycle going again. You can do this two times before he reaches an sp1. This does require a lot of patience i will say, but shang is phenomenal for this fight.
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    willrun4adonutwillrun4adonut Posts: 3,756 ★★★★★
    So my r3 should be good to go? Because I don't think I could build up 75 charges.
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    PantherusNZPantherusNZ Posts: 1,903 ★★★★

    So my r3 should be good to go? Because I don't think I could build up 75 charges.

    It's very doable. Depends on whether you build up the charges and slap one big SP2 on, or throw several SP2s with fewer charges - I didn't trust my endurance capability to survive long enough to unleash a big SP2, so I opted for the latter. Did it with 2 revives.
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    Herbal_TaxmanHerbal_Taxman Posts: 239 ★★★
    I’ve tried a bunch of different champs across the objectives. Shang is by far the easiest option, IF you can reliably dex the full sp1. I just built up to 25 or 20 charges naturally and dropped 5 or 7 sp2s over the course of the fight.
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