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SQ Knull suggestion

KerneasKerneas Posts: 3,777 ★★★★★
Firstly, I wanna say that I liked this simple SQ format. Simple, quicks, standard rewards, easy to understand. Even designs of the paths and fights were nice (no bs, but not exactly ignorable). Overall, it sat well with me (given that I have to study for exams and don't have that much time for grinding)

However I have one suggestion: Kabam, please, if you want us to intercept the defender, maybe, just maybe, consider giving them an AI that actually allows for intercepting.

I did all the Knulls and I swear: getting this guy to dash at you is hard as hell. I have his block and dashback animations etched into my memory at this point. The fight itself isn't hard, but this passive AI makes it last 3x as long as it would normally. It's a shame to ruin such a balanced fight with so passive AI, thus making it a genuine nuisance.
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