5mil relaxed alliance looking for a few good soldiers (minimal donations!!)

Senior players - looking to take a step back during the holiday season? Tired of running map 5 or 6? Just need some damn t1 alphas??

Newer players - looking to grow without feeling too much pressure? Want to learn better strategy on how to fight some of the more difficult fights?

We're an alliance of both older and newer players. Primarily US based and ages 20s and 30s. We're running AQ 44333 or 43333 depending on the week (advanced tier). AW floating around tiers 10-12. Easily hitting between 400-500k in SA every week with 6-20% rank rewards without having to worry about any hoarding crystals.

Requirements and donations
14,000 gold
1,000 loyalty
15,000 in 3 day completion
650 in duels
5,000 SA

Looking for folks who are reasonably active, don't disappear without alerting anyone, communicate well and can handle their own in aq/aw. Gotta be able to bring at least full teams of 4* r4 to war and aq, but r5s or 5*s would be preferable. Line app required.

Hit me up in game or on line - superunkown012. Alliance tag is 6sBG.
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