Looking for AW T1/2, Bi-weekly maybe weekly T4CC Alliance (European/West African Timezone Preferred)

Experienced Player looking for AW Tier 1/2 Alliance, running AQ 66555/56655 and 5x5 depending on the week and all that sorta thing.

My Experience??
Map 6 - Check
Map 5 - Check
Old Skill based AW - Tier 2
Trash New Defense rating AW - Tier 1/2

Currently 4837 and going up ↑
If your prestige minimum is 5K+ Prestige and you can tolerate my below than required prestige for a month or 2, then I'm your guy.

Bosskiller? Nah.. I enjoyed all that competitive stuff in my noob days. Nowadays I'd rather just clear my paths and do my part.. I will occasionally take out the boss if I have to.

European/West African Timezone is very much preferred because I am **** tired of getting booted because of US Timezone being an issue.

Donations?? No problems.. Hit me with it.. I can take it.

Events?? I can most definitely hold my own but duels piss me off because honestly, they're quite useless.

Contact me Here, via Line App or In Game and we'll talk.
Line ID - Neroa65
IGN - Ragin' God


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