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Arcade Games AQ Raid Week - Changes and Fixes

MCOC TeamMCOC Team Posts: 540
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Hello Summoners!

After the first round of Arcade Games Raids we’ve made a number of changes to help the experience feel more consistent, and help with a few of the more pesky missions prompts!

Here is the full list of changes you can see in the upcoming round of Raids!

Bug fixes:

Aegon will now properly trigger the Knockdown Prompt from Thanos Sayeth.
Special Attacks now trigger the Knockdown Trigger from Modok’s Mind Games.

Buff/Node Changes:

Unblockable Penance base Unblockable duration reduced from 5s->3s
Modok's Mind Games Wiff Attacks Prompt reduced from 3->2
Modok's Mind Games Attack into Block Prompt reduced from 5->4

MODOK Changes:

Increased Base Auto-Block Cooldown from 7s->10s
Power Gained on Struck from Tech Sig ability reduced from 5%->1-2%.

We hope you have fun out there! We’ll be continuing to collect more feedback on the mode and its updates for future releases!
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