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Who will win

Darerider_99Darerider_99 Posts: 43
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Who will win. carnage vs hulk

Who will win 21 votes

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  • RotmgmoddyRotmgmoddy Posts: 916 ★★★
    Not sure what context this is in, but I'm sure either way, Hulk would win. :P
  • Darerider_99Darerider_99 Posts: 43
    Rotmgmoddy wrote: »
    Not sure what context this is in, but I'm sure either way, Hulk would win. :P

    I was seeing what people will think could carnage beat hulk what your reason u think hulk will win
  • Hulk
    Not even close. Are you kidding? You mean, like if they actually had a fight? Not in the game, but in reality (or in the comics, whatever). Hulk wins sitting down, with one arm tied behind his back, falling asleep, and watching TV at the same time. He can crush him with one finger. The only character in the Marvel universe who could defeat Hulk in a fight, I think, would be Thor. That's in a fight. Others might beat him with brains or technology... some kind of gamma radiation dampening device (saw that on the Avengers cartoon series)... but Carnage doesn't have one of those.
  • Hulk
    Oh, and when I say Thor is the "only character who could beat him in a fight", I'm limiting the discussion to (more or less) flesh and blood characters. The (usually) Earth-bound main heros and villains who most stories focus on.

    I'm not including cosmic elemental forces of nature, like Galactus or Death or Eternity, and I'm not including other-dimensional demonic forces such as Mephisto or Dormammu. They're on a completey different level of existence.

    I hope that clears it up. Lol. I'm aware of them, and I didn't want everyone jumping on me with things like: "what about Living Tribunal!". Lol.
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