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Who will win

Darerider_99Darerider_99 Posts: 43
edited December 2017 in General Discussion
Who will win avengers vs justice league

Who will win 7 votes

Ravenrob_33[Deleted User]Spiderverse2017Praaks 4 votes
Justice league
FilmScorpionTheSpeedster777 2 votes
SharkJaws 1 vote
Dc is ban on . Kabam


  • Justice league
    I like Avengers way more than Justice League. I like Marvel more than DC. But that being said... if this is "who would win in a fight"... I have to go with Justice League. The whole fight comes down to Thor and Superman. Everyone else gets killed at some point. No one else, on either team, really matters or factors in. And I have to give the slight edge to Superman, because I think his documented power levels are higher than Thor. He has moved moons and planets by himself, as far as I can remember. Don't get me wrong... I love Thor. But I think Superman has a slight edge.
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