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  • Will start from here

    Spend milion hours to get all the potions and resources I need just for one. But all sudden a game crash appears and all resources going to KABAM due to.... I want to finish path so using all I can to do so but every second game crashed and all champions going to sleep so need to awake them. More than that no even one email regarding back from our host KABAM
    That is why my frustration find the final in here on the forums and new topic started

    Please let us all know all the things annoying you and hopefully when big Kabam.... Will crash us and the game again because what's the point of playing unplayable game....
  • I've been playing this game for a while now, and I really enjoy it. We can't say that this game is perfect, no game is. As we all are aware that there's been a sever failure these days and mostly on today. I hope y'all are working to fix this issue as soon as possible. As usual y'all reduce the AQ energy recharge time upto 30 mins but that's not the solution for all this. When server gets down while playing AQ, we loose 50% health which is some pain in the ass. Specially when playing map 5&6. I hope y'all come up with something that'll help everyone in this type of a situation.
    Thank you.
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