NOW WHAT?!? - Need advice for further developing my roster.

Hi, guys/girls. I need the opinion of more experienced player on how to develop my current roster further. lately i am a little bit frustrated mostly from my 5* pulls. I opened 4 5* crystals this month and i got King Groot, Black Panther, Spider Man (Miles) and Groot. To give you more information on my profile and where i am at the game now i will outline the most important things that i achieved and my current roster. I need some direction on which champs to rank so i can progress more and what content to try to complete next.

Story progression - I am uncollected (this month). Fully explored act 5.1 and almost 100% the first 3 acts from 5.2. - currently working on fully exploring it.
Arenas - Finished "The road to a million". Usually no problems getting the basic 4* champ.
Monthly events - Completed and explored Heroic and Master difficulties on this month quest. Finished the first chapter of the uncollected difficulty and working on completing the whole quest as i plan to fully explore act 1 and 2. Not sure that i will be able to explore act 3 without spending a lot of units mainly because the bosses.
M.O.D.O.K Lab - 100% every time with spending few revives till now.
Alliance Quest - my alliance is doing 54444 here. Sometimes not completing map 5 because of low participation. Don`t have any difficulties with this maps.
Alliance War - tier 10 running 3 bgs.

My roster:

5* - all unduped - King Groot, Black Panther, Groot, Spider Man (Miles), Storm, Star Lord, Old Man Logan, Thor (Jane Foster),

4* - here i will post only the main champs that i think worth ranking - the duped one will mark with (d)
5/50 - Star Lord (d), Hyperion, Blade.
4/40 - Magic (d), Dr.Voodoo (d), Ghost Rider, The Hood, X-23 (d), Wolverine (d), Iceman, King Groot (d), Quake (d), Cpt.America WWII (d), Doc Octopus, Vision AOU(d), Ultron, Hawkeye,
Others - NIghtcrawler, Angela, Yondu (d), Agent Venom, Iron Fist, Black widow, Thor, Drax (d), YJ, Cyclops, Punisher, Scarlet Witch, Abomination, Black Bolt, Phoenix, Karnak, Rhino, Deredevil (classic), Cable, Mordo, Vulture, Nebula, .... and more

So based on that info what is your advice for ranking and progression? Is it worth to take the 5* Spider man (miles) to rank 3 for AW defence? I usually have a lot of attacker kills 8-10 but my defense is on the low side - 0-4 kills. For defense i use (Hyperion, Magic, 4* King Groot, Quake/The Hood, Ultron/ Spider Man(miles) ).

Thanks in advance and sorry for the long post but i want to give the full info :smile:


  • BuckeyeKPBuckeyeKP Posts: 690
    Hype unduped isn't great on D. Miles can be and doesn't need the dupe to replace him, alhtough r5 QUake is fantatic for niche fights. Do Ock or Iceman better options than quake. Yondu and AV are decent, just not great. Seems like you may still be ranking for utility and not prestige.
    Getting Magik or Voodoo (Voodoo IMO) to r5 and maybe X23 or Wolvie for regen would help you a lot. Focus on offense first.
  • kamishevkamishev Posts: 12
    edited December 2017
    Thanks for the advice BickeyeKP! I don`t have any problems in offense for now. Both in AQ and AW i walk out without losing champ in most cases. My AQ team usually is Star Lord, Voodoo/x-23, Vision AOU/Doc Oc and in AW - Blade, GR, Iceman. My problems seems to be AW defense :disappointed:
  • Player1994Player1994 Posts: 616 ★★
    if ur looking to strength ur defence go with miles morales although i suggest that after u rank all ur attackers defence comes second
  • kamishevkamishev Posts: 12
    Тhanks Player1994. I was thinking about the same.
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