Log-In issue item recovery?

Fel_95Fel_95 Posts: 347
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I know they've already asked a lot about an hypotethical compensation of the hours we lost in arena/aw, and Mod said they were discussing with the team about it... but days have passed. We haven't had a single word from them since the fix. Posts regarding it are taken down without an explanation.

I'm not writing this post for a classic "give us items we lost time for your bugs", I just want an explanation as time has passed since your "discussion on the matter" and silence only hurt eachothers.


  • In the silence, there is an answer.
  • 4_ME_U_D0N34_ME_U_D0N3 Posts: 141
    I only wanna know Why the game went down and only for android was it a ceo that wanted to get voodoo easier from his ios ? or are they thinking to stop android services since us android players are buying alot less? or something else ?
  • GbSarkarGbSarkar Posts: 1,075
    Community Managers (Miike and Ad0ra_) don't work on weekends. We should be getting an answer today I think
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