Wishlist for 2018

1. Rank down tickets – every month new champions enter the contest with brand new abilities. Such skills tend to eclipse most of the previous roosters. Well, we spent a lot of time and resources to get and develop these “outdated” champs who serve us no more. One downgrade ticket every six months would be the right mechanism to help players to keep themselves somewhat fit for the new missions. We want a good account not a museum.

2. Marvel characters must represent their true value – A lot of players are playing since the very beginning and are aware why some characters are better than the others (basically it’s a chronological aspect – kabam wants players to keep playing and, therefore, gives the new champions a lot of new skills so we will always be eager to grind for them). Well, probably you didn’t think this through but some characters are way too weak and neither comics nor movies portrait them in such way. Players download this game because the Marvel logo is there and we are addicted to Marvel not kabam. It is very unpleasant to see some characters in the game. Black Bolt isn’t a joke in comics. Magneto is a very powerful mutant. Groot has super strength, Luke Cage destroys Jugg armour with a single punch, Gamora beats Nebula (no player in the game prefers Gamora over Nebula). In game, everything is upside down. Colossus is so annoying to play with. Phoenix resurrection shouldn’t depend on certain aspects, it should happen no matter what and be insane! This list goes on and on…

3. Let us pick one hero - You can play this game for 3 years and don’t earn your favourite champ. It’s very frustrating.

4. Decrease the map costs - Yes, a little bit more.

5. Change how the healing potions work - We need them to heal our heroes in percentage just like revives do. Our 5*r4 champions really need that to happen.

6. Redo the masteries – The game isn’t only about bleeding champions. Allow us to put points in incinerate and shock damage as well.

7. Level 60 – Really? Forever?

8. Arena – Set a minimum cut for the basic hero. If we do a 5 million score, we get the hero from milestones.

9. Prestige – 5* heroes should have better prestige than the 4*. They are rarer and they cost more items to get to a similar ranking. This should be obvious.

10. Heroes – Please add: Mr Sinister, Apocalypse, Mystique, Sabretooth.

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