New Alliance looking for mid-high tier players

So this isn't my alliance per se, but a friend and I decided to start up our own alliance after some disagreements we had with another friend over how he ran his alliance. We're a pretty fresh alliance for the most part with total base hero ratings ranging from 352k-2k right now. For now we're mostly running map 2 for convenience sake and we're pretty laid back. No saving for SA (though at our current level the rewards are pretty low as are the requirements), no donations (though that may be subject to change in the near future), and we only ask that you participate in AQ, AW, and as many alliance events as possible and that you communicate with us through Line, which is another requirement for the alliance as it makes it easier to send updates, information, strategies, etc.

If you're interested in joining, feel free to msg me
IGN: CoolGuy_McFly
Line: CoolGuy_McFly
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