Announcing: Act 5 Chapter 2

The Grandmaster’s game is only just beginning… As Summoners are caught between the increasingly tense struggle for control of the Battlerealm, the conflict comes to a head as the Collector’s power wanes. The ISO-Sphere’s power dwindles through the treachery of the Grandmaster, but a final effort from a Summoner must occur for the Contest to truly change… forever.

Put my Class down flip it and reverse it.

Like a cornered animal, the Collector lashes out in fear at his Brother’s increasing power. Enlisting the help of M.O.D.O.K., the Collector has activated a fantastic new contraption that reverses all class relationships across this section of the Battlerealm. But beware: M.O.D.O.K. is a master of deception, and while you may still see that you have an advantage, take heed of the Collector’s misdirection! Read on below for more specific details.

Collector Bound

Act 5 Chapter 2: Collector Bound will arrive at ~10:00 AM PDT on June 7th, 2017. Prepare yourselves, Summoners!

How long does this quest run for?

Like Chapter 1, this’ll be around until the end of the universe. Whenever that is.
How hard is this Chapter?

It is super hard. It is much harder than Chapter 1. Act 5 is permanent content, and we want it to be hard for a long, long time. This doesn’t mean we want to make it impossible, but we definitely want to make sure that Act 5 Chapter 2 can’t be breezed through.
So, on a scale of Act 1 to Labyrinth of Legends, where does this fall in terms of difficulty?

You should not be able to easily do this if you haven’t completed Road to Labyrinth, and even then, this will be a challenge.
Who are the bosses of Act 5 Chapter 2?

Some Secrets must be kept. Others are simply truths that have been in front of you the whole time…
Alright man, but seriously, who are the bosses?

Sat atop a throne of stone, be prepared to fight alone. No longer resting but instead provoked, a cosmic power shall be revoked....
You’re not telling us, are you?

No. You’ll have to wait.
How many Icemen?

There’s 2. One in Quest 2, and one in Quest 6. We have made significant changes to their original abilities in response to feedback from our Beta Testers (thanks guys and gals) to address potential frustration. Also, keep in mind the new “Role Reversal” Buff in this Chapter (info below) may open up new, previously unconsidered options for dealing with some trickier fights.
So you did another Beta Test?

Yes! We actually delayed the release of Act 5 significantly from its original intended launch to the current launch date because we wanted to have time to make changes based on the feedback of our testers. Additionally, we wanted to ensure that major bugs were remedied before its release. We can’t thank our testers enough for their time and devotion to helping us make Act 5 as good as it can be, and we also want to thank you for your patience.


  • Love to see that 4-star rank up gem there!
    I will wait to see how are the nodes like. They sound fun like chapter 1 was, but I still have some questions about them.

    If someone wants a hint for the "Power Shield" node, just use Spider-Gwen L1 all the time. Pure skill and pure dama.... oh wait, maybe not.
  • Nightwing2380Nightwing2380 Posts: 60
    Where are the Tier 2 Alpha Shards. Everyone was very mad from chapter 1 and you still fail.

  • AegonTAegonT Posts: 156
    Raganator wrote: »
    With the shift in this game to 5* these rewards are garbage. If you are suggesting it is on the level of difficulty of RTTL, then why have the rewards include sig stones and gems for 4*? At least I won't feel any kind of rush to make my way through Chapter 2.

    This is an ongoing thing, they've made a big push to move the game to 5*s but haven't really updated the rewards in a way that reflects this. The people who will be hitting this event don't really need what's on offer (hint: I'd prefer t4bs to t4c shard crystals. By a lot. So would everyone else in my alliance).

    4*s just aren't as useful as they used to be, whoever is designing these rewards should adjust to this reality.

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