What happened?!

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What just happened with T4B arena?
I just got out of the hard challengers, in the middle of the fight Magik went from 3634 pi to 7879 pi. Same with the following fight, the number almost doubled and just lost my streak at 500k.
The topper was when the fight was over all my champs needed to be refreshed again as if I just used them and needed to ask for help.


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    Are you referring to Magik's Limbo was kicking in, and when it expires she restores her previous health before the Limbo started? Or if you are sure it is NOT Limbo but some kind of bug, could you pls share your recorded video, that will be very helpful? or are you making a joke that I almost fail to catch? My bad for not catching the joke if it is indeed one.

    Sorry that I wasn't clear as well, is this Magik the opponent AI, or your own Magik?
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    Know her actually rating went up, mid fight.
    Not her limbo
    Not joking dead serious, didn't get a video.
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    saw a thread where ppl mentioning their champs PI jumping a few hundreds, not sure if similar situation

    however, the few thousand PI change you saw is HUGE. I'm a regular arena grinder (50k arena fights over past 6 months) but maybe I consider myself lucky I haven't encountered this and haven't lost my streak specifically due to this (I did loose due to the "server maintenance" nonsense from Kabam)

    hopefully other folks who have seen this can comment. If this is a real bug, sooner or later it'll hit me, I wish to know what is going on and what we can do about it.
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    Thank u for the info and the time to look it up.

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