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Dr. Voodoo or Mephisto?

The_Sentry12The_Sentry12 Posts: 29
edited December 2017 in Strategy and Tips
I've had my 4* Dr.Voodoo for a while and got him to r3 30 and recently got 4* Mehispto from champions crystal they are both undupped should I focus on r4 Dr.Voodoo or bring up Mephisto I already have enough to bring him to r3.
Who should I focus on ??

Dr. Voodoo or Mephisto? 18 votes

StewmanbuffajrnameplasCptMuffinSpursDaveTornadobullet_04VulkanBahamutkanegan12Vicky_123Leanonymous214GİZA 12 votes
adqqedfyvrSpeedbumpissamaf80asjbobbyMagicMan1Agent_Onion 6 votes


  • SpursDaveSpursDave Posts: 36
    When I took my 4* Dr. Voodoo (not duped) from 3/30 to 4/40, I could definitely tell a big difference in him and use him regularly. I also got Mephisto in the champions crystal. I think that once I learn to play him correctly, I will probably take him to 4/40 as well (he's currently 3/30)

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