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Who is more worthy of a generic awakening gem?

The_DutchmanThe_Dutchman Posts: 43
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I recently pulled Dr. Voodoo and Archangel, and both are currently sitting at rank 4. I've been holding onto my only generic awakening gem for quite a while now, with intentions of using it on either Voodoo or Starlord. However, I was able to grind the arenas a few days ago and dupe Starlord that way. Any thoughts on who is more worthy of the gem now?

Who is more worthy of a generic awakening gem? 18 votes

Dr. Voodoo
Rednick69SpeedbumpZane22AshburnHammerbro_64xananabananaGİZA 7 votes
humzah217stakSIlverProfessorSnaggleAAwkWardKarinshiSpiritOfVengeanceShaheerFIazDangerNoodleshchong2Bahamut 11 votes


  • AshburnAshburn Posts: 270
    Dr. Voodoo
    AA only if u don't have an ability reduction champ. Plus he doesn't do too well against bleed or poison immune champs.
    As for voodoo, he's more versatile. Immune to debuffs? Go for even combo. Node that puts u at a disadvantage for having a buff? Odd combo. Up against champs littered with buffs? Spam that spirit venom. He's a good choice for aq and general questing.
  • Archangel
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