Tired of noobs blocking my nodes

CodornasCodornas Posts: 542 ★★
So.. Im sick of playing with noobs who cant even get to AW subosses without dying.
Even officers make very stupid defense placements.
I dont like to switch alliances, but ive had it with these alliances from my country

Im thinking about trying an international alliance, dont need to be very high rating, just 9m at least, the focus is to have good and smart players plz.

Im not into M6 cause ive plenty of CC4 crystals, so i d rather play M5, but i have champs for any path in M6

Im from South America
I dont use suicides
My prestige is around 4.600 +-

I dont check the foruns very often, so if anyone is interested in recruiting me, plz send a friend request in game


  • CodornasCodornas Posts: 542 ★★
  • CodornasCodornas Posts: 542 ★★
  • CodornasCodornas Posts: 542 ★★
  • zeylifzeylif Posts: 146
    Hi! We have an opening in our international BG. We're a 10.M alliance and have a few from SA. We complete AQ 100% with no issues. All adults and very supportive Our alliance tag is RBAtm if you want to check us out. Our we can chat on LineL Zeylif228.
  • CodornasCodornas Posts: 542 ★★
    @zeylif thanks, is that ur nick in game as well?
  • UnsaferBinkie7UnsaferBinkie7 Posts: 658 ★★
    Forget all that stuff, what's your prestige?
  • CodornasCodornas Posts: 542 ★★
    @UnsaferBinkie7 u do realise i gave that information also right? Just read
  • CodornasCodornas Posts: 542 ★★
    @choppman42 i was a leader for over 2 years, i dont want that responsability no more, its too stressfull, i just wanna do my part without having to worry about others. The problem is my mates arent doing their parts, and its getting frustrating.
    I wanna join an alliance where ppl have lives but also commit to the game
  • Mauricek80Mauricek80 Posts: 3
    You're too needy. It's a complex game, but it's still just a game. Seems like you'll probably never be satisfied..
  • CodornasCodornas Posts: 542 ★★
    Im not too needy, im a great team player my friend, i m not even an arena grinder
  • Hello Codornas! My name is Tony we have an opening right now in our 30 man alliance. Well structured we just scored 100 million completing 5 map 5s, were very skilled and organized. We have someone leaving in a day or two I've sent a friend request and alliance invite. Hit me up at my account if you're interested. We span all over the globe including Australia U. S. India Indonesia, Greece, England among other countries. Sounds like we're a good fit.
  • CodornasCodornas Posts: 542 ★★
    Im not needy my friend, im a great team player, im not even an arena grinder
  • CodornasCodornas Posts: 542 ★★
    Thank you @tonybailey420 ! Whats ur nickname in the game?
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