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Do you want a top tier ally where your choices do matter? Yes.. Then come let us create one!!

What are we looking for??

Hardcore MCoC players. Grinders, Addicts!!.. Those freaks with no life that play the game 23 hrs a day (like me).

5K - 5.5K prestige..
If your Prestige is Subpar (4.7k, 4.8k, 4.9k), no ****. We can still talk.

Map 6 Experience!! or deep pockets.. We're good with either.. - Hey if you think you can run map 6 for the first time and not screw up?? Come right in!

We're gonna start with 5x5 right off the bat then move on to 66655 when we have enough donations.. Or hey if we can donate a f***king lot on our first day?? We start with map 6! Yay!

What about AW? We're aiming for tier 1/2.. So you better get ready with that Mad skills of yours!! No diversity is ****.. We're not gonna run it.

Does the alliance exist yet?? No. Once we have 26 members who fit our criteria.. Then we're gonna do this ****.

What chat app we gonna use?? Line and CHQ of course..

What's the alliance name?? It's a pretty cool name.. Which I will only disclose once you're a potential recruit.

What about officers?? We will require specific skills for potential officers.. So that will be discussed.. We're not gonna be shitheads with 20+ officers.. That's just messed up. Including myself (the leader) and the other two guys (all 5K+ prestige) We'll have 3 open officer spots.. 2 officers per BG..

So contact me, let's talk! Let's play this game together!

Oh yeah.. Please if you're overly serious and sensitive, this might not be the place for you.. Unless you can ignore dumb dudes like me of course then come right in!

Contact me :
Via Line - Line ID - Neroa65

Or the other 2 dudes..
Line IDs - Nixyd and Niiarmah2430

Oh yeah what about timezones? Meh we can make this work.

P.S. We'll be looking to start action after gifting event, so you do not have to worry about missing rewards from the ongoing event.


  • Neroa65Neroa65 Posts: 302 ★★
    Looking for 10 more.
  • I need a reliable team that can help out when I need it.. it seems like I'm ignored when I need the help
  • Neroa65Neroa65 Posts: 302 ★★
    CREE8HAVOC wrote: »
    I need a reliable team that can help out when I need it.. it seems like I'm ignored when I need the help

    If you meet our requirements.. Come and join us and be a part of it.
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