5* pull odds

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Is it my impression, or the first champs of the 5* crystal have higher % pull than these great new ones getting added every month?
Seriouslly its getting annoyng, i got 90% of those starting ****, and ive only got 1(voodoo) of those who were added later

Is it just me or is there a patern here?
Cause these new champs are much better and back in the day they were only available on the 15k featured, so kabam makes their pull % lower than the old scum?


  • CodornasCodornas Posts: 542 ★★
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    Here all my 5*s

    Hulk lvl 40
    Yellowjacket lvl 20
    IronPatriot lvl 60
    Gambit lvl 20
    Magneto lvl 20
    Storm lvl 20
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