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5* Additions to Crystals

When the changes in August occurred to start bringing more 5* heroes into the regular 5* crystal it was stated that once the "backlog" of champions was caught up, they would be added at the same time the 4* are added to the 4* crystal and PHC (110 days after release) as stated below.

So, what happens to the additional pool of Champions when you’ve caught up with the new releases?

Then we’ll start to add the New Champions to the Sub Featured pool, and remove them when they are added to the basic 5-Star Hero Crystal. This will happen about 110 days after the hero is featured. (e.g. Currently - a new hero released in crystal -> 110 days later it is added to the 4-Star Hero Crystal and PHC. Once we are caught up with 5-Stars, the hero will be added to the 5-Star Hero Crystal on the same day.)

By following the hero release dates, the featured heroes should catch up with Blade. Based on 6 heroes being added each month, Blade would be the final hero included in the Feb 1st additions, but his 110 days wouldn't have him added until Feb 13th. So, will Blade be included in the Feb 1st additions or not until the 13th? And does that mean that Thor Ragnarok and all the heroes after him will be added one at a time after 110 days?


  • SenorPantsSenorPants Posts: 101
    Technically, the February additions would be on the 6th, not the 1st, since it's following maintenance on the first Tuesday of the month.
    There's been no confirmation from Kabam when they'll convert to the "every 110 days" plan (or, more specifically and to your point, if Blade will be in the Feb base pool expansion on remain in the sub-featured pool for another week), so nobody outside of Kabam can say they know for certain. Hopefully we get clarification of this next week when everybody's back to work...
    As for: And does that mean that Thor Ragnarok and all the heroes after him will be added one at a time after 110 days?
    I'd expect that to be the case. They'll drop into the base pool when they also get added to the other hero crystals.
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