Rank up 5* R2 -> 3 or 4* R4 -> 5

I can upgrade only one for a longer time:
5star Angela to R3
or which 4star a better choice???
Cap (duped)


  • xananabananaxananabanana Posts: 495
    Angela to R3. Great damage dealer and she is a 5*.
  • PrimeSaviour_27PrimeSaviour_27 Posts: 258 ★★
    Is SL dupped?
  • urofsurofs Posts: 16
  • urofsurofs Posts: 16
    only Cap
  • Lol Unduped Thor and SL won't do anything for you. OG Cap is meh anyways. Vision is good, but since Angela is a 5* and she doesn't need the dupe and she deals crazy damage, she's the clear choice here.

    If SL were duped, I would've considered him but now Do Angela, and later on R4 her.
  • PrimeSaviour_27PrimeSaviour_27 Posts: 258 ★★
    I have to agree with @Superman69.

    If SL was dupped then I would have suggested him over Angela. However as he is not it’s best to R3 her over him.

    She hits like a truck so isn’t a bad 5*. I find the best way to play her is to fire off her sp1 just before it reaches the sp2. Doing this you normally can stack 3 fury’s 👍
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