5* Hawkeye to r3?

My team is 4* r5 duped Voodoo, Gwen and Wolverine, r5 unduped Hyperion and r4 duped Switch. I have a 5* Hawkeye (unduped) that I can r3. Should I? And who would he replace?

I think HE is my best 5* and I would like to stop r5 4* and focus on 5*...


  • MattyloMattylo Posts: 234
    I would R3 him in a heartbeat. Now who would you replace.......? That all depends on who youre fighting. You would bring him in for power control purposes assuming youre not fighting a bleed immune champ.
  • QuantumBobQuantumBob Posts: 149
    Definitely. He doesn't need the dupe. I ranked mine to R4. No regrets. He's been real useful!
    Ok, thanks for the opinions. I will rank him.
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