just wondering...

Today i had possibly my luckiest day ever when opening crystals in about three years of playing every day and just wondered what you lots luckiest days ever were.


  • FrenchyPantsFrenchyPants Posts: 25
    Last year I had been saving five star shards for iceman’s second round. I opened seven crystals and got 4 iceman, 2 sl and a magik. Sl and magik were two of my best characters. It was such a happy day.
  • Today i got a four star Kang, Awakened my four star quake and mephisto, finally max sig my four star Wanda and got five star Crossbones and X23. Also got four star vulture and duped electro but havent really played as them much or quake so dont know if they're any good or whatever lol
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