Top Champs are “History in the Making”

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Put your tinfoil thinking caps on and hear me out. The current 4-Star Featured Arena is called “History in the Making” and pictures Blade, Iceman, Medusa, and Mephisto in Arena Poster. These four champions, in their current state, are godlike when compared to the vast majority. Could it be that Kabam is hinting toward nerfing them as in making their current game states history? The 3-Star Featured Arena also features the same four champions and what’s it called!? “Short Term Memory” as if these champions will only exist for a short term before becoming a memory!


  • LM796LM796 Posts: 55
    Haha. Great theory. Maybe they didn’t mean it like that but when they nerf them, people will not be happy with this possible foreshadowing.
  • My_SuperiorMy_Superior Posts: 1,613 ★★★
    And if that weren't enough the current 4-Star Basic Arena is called “Atonement” as in reparation for a wrong.
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