Make Cata Arenas rotation 48 hrs instead of 72

The Catalyst Arenas are 48 hours long, but they are on a 72 hour cycle, meaning it takes 9 days to rotate through all 3. This leads to the schedule being wonky and doesn't line up well with the Basic/Featured Arenas.

Well, then how about removing the 24 hour dead time between them and having them on a 7 day rotation (6 days, 1 day off), which will then keep them on a consistent schedule with the Basic/Featured Arenas.

For instance:
Mon/Tue - T1a
Wed/Thur - T4b
Fri/Sat - T4cc
Sunday - Nothing

Also, Kabam has hinted at the idea of making some of the rank up bottle neck items more available. This would allow 4 chances at each one in a 28 day period, as opposed to the 3 chances at each one in a 27 day period.
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