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Champion Spotlight - Sentry [Updated: Added 5-Star Stats]



  • ImranAzharImranAzhar Posts: 34
    I have no problem if kabam decided to make a bad champ. Just don't market it as a great one. Calling him having power of " a million of exploding suns" was just bad.
  • HittchedHittched Posts: 9
    The sad thing about this is that Kabam had a good opportunity to at least give him some synergy with Gladiator Hulk. To maybe make Sentry usable. Instead they totally neglected him. This tells me that they don’t care at all.
  • Neroa65Neroa65 Posts: 302 ★★
    While we're still crying about Sentry and how disappointing he is, they've gone ahead and given Void a form of Regen via Killmonger.

    And Void is already useful enough. Can't say the same about his other half.

    If Sentry's Regen was powerful, like from 5% to 60%+ health powerful, I doubt we'd complain but that Regen is also useless as well. Useless!
  • TsunaniTsunani Posts: 173
    There's nothing that justifies kabam making such a weak champion. Shame on devs.
  • username7312username7312 Posts: 65
    For the first time I saved up 5* shards, about 30,000 to buy my very first 5* featured Crystal and I was very excited to get Sentry. Until I used him that week and he was absolute ****. Then the Void came out and everyone is talking about God-Tier champ. Sentry should be right up there with Hulk, Quake, or Hyperion. The Sentry and Void are two sides of the same coin, not Banner and Hulk!!! Please fix this champion, soon!!
  • Sentry Needs an Emergency update fast Kabam! Listen to your customers. He is not usable in any content of your game! Fix him! 70% chance for nothing to happens is how we feel as customers!
  • Primmer79Primmer79 Posts: 2,972 ★★★★
    I regret ever commenting on this thread.

    But cmon kabam, hes awful.
  • Ace_03 wrote: »
    The logic behind these comic book characters in this game is flawed. I read constantly from the gaming team, that human champions would not be able to stand against superhuman beings.

    Problem is, nobody told you to make Black Widow the way she is, or any other champion, but their abilities are helpful and needed. However, in the same comics you see humans fighting super powered beings all the time, so that is actually a very invalid point.

    What I'm trying to get at, it's the fact that there are marvel characters that are clearly more powerful and SHOULD be designed and treated as such, I.E:

    1. Sentry
    2. Red Hulk
    3. Void
    4. Hulk
    5. Rogue
    6. CABLE
    7. Archangel
    8. Psylocke
    9. Iceman
    10. Deadpool
    11. Magneto
    12. Old Man Logan
    13. Wolveirne
    14. PHOENIX
    15. Hyperion
    16. Thor
    17. Superior Ironman
    18. Black Bolt
    19. Venom
    20. Ronan
    21. Vision
    22. LOKI
    23. Ghost Rider
    24. MEPHISTO
    25. Dormammu
    26. DR STRANGE
    27. Scarlet Witch

    These are all champions that because of their power from their source materials, should be very very strong, in some cases either close to, or the best in their class. This is common comic book logic, which I know that it doesn't play in this game and that is fair.

    But this game is also built on certain expectations from us as fans to see a somewhat accurate depiction of these characters. You read any comic about Sentry and Void and you know they are RIDICULOUSLY powerful. Why is hyperion so powerful, yet Sentry is weak?

    What is even MORE IRONIC, it's the fact that the EVENT QUEST ITSELF pushed him as being so strong he trashed the original 12 contestants of the contest, yet in game he is extremely below average.

    It honestly felt like a blatant troll, wether or not it was the companies intention I do not know, but it's hard not to reach that conclusion.

    Invoking "comic book logic" is the worst possible thing to do when it comes to Sentry, because most knowledgeable comic book fans know that Sentry is a classic instance of "as powerful as the writer wants him to be." He is depicted as having cosmic-entity levels of power at times, and being able to be hit over the head with a rock in others. The in-universe explanation for his wildly fluctuating power levels is that Reynolds subconscious regulates his power to be as powerful as he feels he needs to be and no more. The real world explanation is that comic book writers realized he was a stupid invention and tended to ignore prior canon whenever they wanted to.

    In any case, in a game these arguments contain no value. They simply don't. You will never convince a game developer to deliberately make some entities vastly more powerful than all others *deliberately*. That tends to happen as a matter of course in any MMO, but never deliberately. And if you tried to do so deliberately, someone else in the company in QA or playtesting or elsewhere would simply pre-nerf your unbalanced creation before it ever saw the light of day.

    Which is actually a leading theory for what happened to Sentry. Someone maybe thinking like you made him too powerful, and he was pre-nerfed into oblivion prior to release.
  • Ace_03 wrote: »
    ImranAzhar wrote: »
    I have no problem if kabam decided to make a bad champ. Just don't market it as a great one. Calling him having power of " a million of exploding suns" was just bad.

    That comes from the comics. In the source material aforementioned, he lieterally HAS THE POWER OF A MILLION EXPLODING SUNS.

    Which is a phrase some comic book writer thought sounded cool, but has no actual physics meaning. A million exploding hamsters actually has more meaning.

    The Sun *is* exploding. That's what stars do: their cores are continuously exploding under nuclear fusion, contained by gravitational pressure. Does Sentry have the power of a million Suns? If he had the power of just one Sun, when he fought World Breaker Hulk he would have vaporized the Earth whether he defeated the Hulk or not.

    Meanwhile, a garden variety Type Ia supernova has the power output of over a trillion times the Sun. But I guess being said to have the power of one millionth of a single supernova doesn't sound as impressive.

    Maybe they meant Sentry had the power to gravitationally unbind the mass of the Sun, like a million times. I guess? But the hamster calculation would still make more sense.
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