Champion Spotlight - Sentry [Updated: Added 5-Star Stats]



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    Either way i understand where i went wrong now....
    There was a couple of lines that i did not read.... i missed some cus i was in a hurry and workkng at the time....
    The last line that states
    After absolute strength sentry restarts state of mind.....
    clarifies for me that itnis infact a logical progression through the states with a 30% chance of triggerong the ability....
    I apologose for my rambling. I really thought i was correct.
    It appears i mever actually read the whole thing and that is why i was uninformed and incorrect.

    Damn don’t be too hard on yourself, that’s our job.
    It is legitimately confusing AF. I have a couple questions in this thread myself that I hope get clarified

    All good. I just dont like making sich stupid mistakes.
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    If it is a 30% chance of triggering amd ability there shoul be a “that” added in.....
    30% chance on entering this state, that
    actually really should be
    30% chamce when in this state

    Actually, the second one is even worse and not synonymous with the first. Saying "30% chance when in this state" actually implies there's a 30% chance for SP1 to be unblockable every time you fire it while you are in that state. The 30% doesn't occur *when* in the state, but upon entering the state only.

    The first one is actually not grammatically correct. I'm not sure why you believe the word "that" should appear there, but grammatically speaking "that" implies the rest of the phrase defines the object of the previous phrase, which is "this state." But that makes the entire sentence grammatically mean the wrong thing. "This state" refers to the named state mentioned earlier, and the rest of the phrase describes something that sometimes happens in that state, not the description of the state.

    In other words, "30% chance on entering this state that allows SP1 to be unblockable" is proper use of the word "that" and says "this state is the one that specifically allows SP1 to be unblockable." But that's not what the description is trying to say here. Its trying to say that there's a 30% chance when entering this state, the state we already called "Overpowering Light" for this specific thing to happen.

    So should it then read “Upon entering Overpowering Light there is 30% chance for that Special 1 attacks will be unblockable and have increased damage. The chance remains the same throughout the duration of overpowering light.”

    The first sentence is fine, the second one not so much. The second one I believe misleads people into thinking that for the duration of Overpowering Light, every activation of a SP1 has a 30% chance of being unblockable (and buffed).

    I think the biggest source of confusion for people confused about the description is the notion that Sentry's "states" don't actually do anything. When Sentry is in the Overpowering Light state, that state by itself confers no special benefit. It is the *transition* between states that can *sometimes* generate a benefit, and that's not an obvious concept to everyone.

    The most unambiguous way I can think of to explain how Sentry works is actually to change the descriptions to something that isn't technically true, but correctly encapsulates the process. Instead of four states, imagine there are seven states: Overpowering Light Alpha and Overpowering Light Beta; Steadfast Approach Alpha and Steadfast Approach Beta; etc. There would be only one version of Unyielding Fortitude.

    Now suppose I were to say the following:

    Sentry starts in Unyielding Fortitude. While in Unyielding Fortitude Sentry cannot lose combo meter. After increasing combo by ten, Sentry has a 30% chance to enter Overpowering Light Alpha and a 70% chance to enter Overpowering Light Beta. While in Overpowering Light Alpha Sentry's SP1 are buffed and unblockable. While in Overpowering Light Beta, Sentry gains no benefits.

    While in Overpowering Light Alpha or Beta, after increasing combo by ten Sentry has a 30% chance to enter Steadfast Approach Alpha and a 70% chance to enter Steadfast Approach Beta. While in Steadfast Approach Alpha Sentry's heavy attacks are buffed and Sentry gain perfect block. While in Steadfast Approach Beta Sentry gains no benefits.


    That I think is unambiguous. I also think it would be an opportunity to give Sentry something when he is in one of those "Beta" modes. I think Sentry would have been more attractive if there was a consolation prize: 30% chance to get the "big buff" and 70% chance to get some other buff, maybe a defensive one. Making the description look like the above actually highlights the fact that the designer should have made Sentry have less "boring" periods during his cycle when nothing is happening. To properly understand how Sentry works, you have to accept that most of the time nothing is happening. And maybe that suggests a design weakness.

    That is exactly what I am confused about. Will each phase have no change on my abilities if I dont proc that 30%? If there is no effect besides it just saying what phase you are in, I can see sentry being carnage 2.0 with a 1/3 chance of doing some good damage. The reason that SL is so good is you could count on his damage ramping up as the combo goes on.
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    He seems tricky at first but pretty straight forward in the end. Every 10 hits he changes state. Each state has certain possible effects and their accuracy and potency is multiplied by the amount of reality warps(you start with one and gain another every 40 combos with a max of 5). The reality warps carry from fight to fight which is dope. So yes in the beginning a 30% chance to trigger the more powerful buffs/abilities seem low but if you’re using him in war or AQ or through a long quest, just build those reality warps and I guess he’ll gain considerable attack strength. Also then his healing from sp3 will last longer and be better with more reality warps so that’s how I understood his abilities.
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    Actually question/clarification needed:
    1) is the attack boost from fury enhanced by the amounts of reality warps or they don’t affect it?
    2) can he consume more than one reality warp to heal himself from sp3 or is it just one max each time?
    3) is the armour break rating increased based on reality warps or its just the total damage from the special that is boosted?
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    This is how i stated it in my line chat... makes sense like this i think... 1se1up9whl5h.jpeg
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    This is how i explained it on line i think it works
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    He has 30% chance to enter the mode, not 30% chance to enter the mode and getting an ability. The ability is 100% active when he is in that mode.
    Technically it is possible to execute 1000 combo hits without even leaving the first mode
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    He has 30% chance to enter the mode, not 30% chance to enter the mode and getting an ability. The ability is 100% active when he is in that mode.
    Technically it is possible to execute 1000 combo hits without even leaving the first mode

    What? That's not how it works at all
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    Sounds like he will eventually be nerfed.
    Sooner than expected as well.
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    Acanthus wrote: »
    He has 30% chance to enter the mode, not 30% chance to enter the mode and getting an ability. The ability is 100% active when he is in that mode.
    Technically it is possible to execute 1000 combo hits without even leaving the first mode

    What? That's not how it works at all

    It is according to what is listed ... And the answer that a mod gave earlier also indicates that it works like this.
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    He has 30% chance to enter the mode, not 30% chance to enter the mode and getting an ability. The ability is 100% active when he is in that mode.
    Technically it is possible to execute 1000 combo hits without even leaving the first mode

    That is exactly wat i originally thought and wat started this whole convo.... i have since realised i was wrong after re reading......
    He will always enter a new phase and has 30% chance to have an ability while in that phase
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    After a 10 hit combo sentry will enter a new phase.
    At the start of that phase he has a 30% chance to gain an ability that will last throughout that phase.
    After a further 10 hit combo he moves on to the next phase.
    If he loses his combo or finishes the last phase he resets back to unyielding fortitude.

    Overpowering light - unblockable sp1 with increased power.....

    (Continue listing phases amd abilities)
    Etc etc

    Seems like a good description
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    Why Sentry is a trash champions?

    1) The chance to gain buffs on entering a State of Mind is super low. 30%? What a joke. What does the multiplier even mean?
    2) At maxed level, be it at R5/50 or R5/65, Sentry can easily finish the fight even before getting the Reality Warps which is only obtainable after 40 hits.
    3) His regeneration can mitigate Limbo damage? That's a joke too. A duped 5* R4/455 Magik can deals 430.25 damage per second. Limbo last for 3 seconds. Also, Limbo can triggers by reaching a power bar and when doing special attack. So that is already 6 seconds Limbo. If you do the math, 430.25 X 6 seconds = 2581.5 damage. As we all know, in a long fight against Magik, Limbo will at least trigger twice for a skilled player. For an unskilled player, it can trigger more than that and it basically means you're dead. Forget about using a Reality Warp to gain health, the effort to land 40 hits itself is not worthy. Why? As I mentioned in the previous point, a fully ranked up Sentry will finish a fight even before reaching 40 hits UNLESS you lands mostly light attack on opponent....probably. Limbo can easily be triggered but Reality Warp? After every 40 hits. Too much effort for too weak amount of regen. Joke joke joke.
    4) Weak regen per Reality Warp. Continuing from previous point, weak regen to counter Limbo as being claimed in his spotlight. Forget countering Limbo, his regen is already weak in general.

    In the comic, Sentry is one of the most strongest character. In the game, he is unworthy the title as one of the strongest contender. In other word, he is a trash.
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    Chitlins wrote: »
    There seems to be a lot of confusion, and I'm going to see if we can get the Spotlight updated so this is clearer.

    Every 10 hits in a combo, Sentry will change Modes, and then has a 30% chance to activate the bonus from that Mode. After 10 more hits, he will change Modes again, and have a 30% chance of activating the new Bonus, but will lose the bonus from the previous mode whether or not he has gained the new bonus.

    There is luck involved with Sentry's abilities, but he can be a very strong Champion if used right.

    How can you use him right if everything is left to chance?

    Same way you use Champs like SW or VP. Fight and hope the RNG lines up. It's not new.
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    Hey Everybody,

    Lots of you have been asking if we can add the Stats for 5-Star Champions, in addition to the 4-Star Stats. Well, I am happy to say that moving forward, we will be adding these stats to all Champion Spotlights! This Spotlight has been updated with the Stats, but here they are as well:

    Stats based on 5 Star, Rank 5, Level 65, Signature Level 200
    Health: 31398
    Attack: 2414
    Max PI:
    Without Signature: 7670
    With Signature (200): 10530

    Love you. Anyway you could give us the r4 5* prestige as well?
  • So does Void and Sentry have the same abilities, or are they 2 different champs?
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    So does Void and Sentry have the same abilities, or are they 2 different champs?

    Different Abilities. They're both the same and different. It's basically the same as Phoenix/Dark Phoenix. Void is the embodiment of all the dark aspects of Sentry.
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    So Sentry has the highest Prestige 5* r5 so far, Blade r5/200 is 10452, And a slight above average champ from what we have seen with limited abilities/utilities is going to top the chart in prestige. It's Kabam's prestige game all over again, poor designed champs will be compensated by higher prestige to drive up the sales.
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    bloodyCain wrote: »
    2) At maxed level, be it at R5/50 or R5/65, Sentry can easily finish the fight even before getting the Reality Warps which is only obtainable after 40 hits.

    If there is a saving grace to Sentry, it might be his signature ability. He keeps warps between fights. So hypothetically you could eventually be starting every fight with five warps if you can keep building combos and not taking too much damage (and dropping below the minimum for the sig level) while fighting a chain of fights.

    If the description is correct, you should gain a warp at the start of every fight so even if you end a fight with less than forty hits, you should start the next fight with two warps - one from the previous fight and one gained at the start of this fight. You should continue to gain them in every fight up to the maximum. This might be useful when working up to a boss fight.
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    @Kabam Miike Thank you for the 5* stats! Appreciate it.
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    Saiyan wrote: »
    I suppose I CAN see why it's only a 30% chance for each state. I think Kabam wants Sentry to be a long fight master. Lets say you're fighting ROL WS and you finish that fight with all 5 stacks of all his reality warp states. I imagine the next fight with CM would be so damn fast due to him being at "max power" (and if he's awakened for it to carry over).

    But at the same time, 30% chance Kabam? Well idk, we'll have to wait and see. This community really gets riled up at times before things are out not knowing the full context so Sentry may be god tier at "max power" idk.

    Another thing, it's possible that his passive 40 hit reality warp added extra chance for his state of minds to proc (You know, cuz it's what it basically says) so it's possible with say 3 reality warps the chance to proc his States are now at 60% chance and say at 5 Warps it's now at 80% chance so at about a 200-300 hit combo, you'll be gaining those warps like nothing meaning they REALLY want him to be a SL type character (which I'm fine with)

    The key to Sentry is "Momentum". He is great in longer fights, and with his Signature ability, he is great at longer quests. The thing to imagine when you're going through these cycles is that you're in a roulette with only 4 options, and each time you go through that cycle, you have a chance of one of those options being super charged. It may only be 30% chance per cycle, but that 30% can mean a world of difference!

    He can burst out a ton of damage, and then be knocked out of a combo, take no damage, and then regain that ability in another 10 hit combo. That's not something to overlook, especially in the Science Class, where there really aren't many Champions capable of doing something like this.

    Wasn't carnage supposed to be good in long fights too
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    Wait a second. If he takes no damage when knocked out of a combo, why does mike say he can’t eat an sp3? What’s magic about being knocked out by an sp3 vs any other attack?
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    Forget Sentry, Void is the good one.

    And thanks for the stats on 5* max.
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    One word for sentry is meh, really disappointed in him. Stop stomping characters I like into the ground already, he should be really powerful and one of the best champions in the game and not this.
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    Are there any additional icons to
    1/ determine the state of mind Sentry is in or is it just merely taking a mental note of his hits count?
    2/ ascertain if the attack damage increased is active and unblockable (for special attack) apart from actual activation of the attack?

    Is Reality Warp consumed only through heal on using special 3?
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    And now for the REAL question.

    Hey Miike.

    Checking Sentry's synergy with Void...

    What's an 'Agility' debuff?
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    @Kabam Miike please explain the special damage increase per reality the 850 per warp mean “850” extra damage or is it like diminishing returns where it represents a percentage increase in damage
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