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Looking for Alliance that runs map 5 and skips war on AQ days

Thanks for clicking. So I've got 4 accounts that are over 250k team rating with enough high ranked guys to cover war and aq at same time. However, I don't have the time to do all those war attacks on AQ days anymore due to schedule changes, so I'd like to find an alliance that skips wars on AQ days. I do my part for SA, event completion, and item use, and I have Line. I was an officer in my last alliance, but I'm not looking for that now either. I'd like to just come in, do my lanes, and repeat as needed without any drama. I'm expecting other people to do the same and not looking for a casual alliance that has incomplete maps all the time. I take the game seriously and just want to focus more on the AQ and personal quest stuff right now. I will still do wars on off days of course.

Please let me know if interested. I don't need all 4 in same place. I use different devices so definitely not a case where 3 are inactive. I just don't want to bother with war on aq days.

Thanks again.
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