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Looking for Alliance War focused ally with very low/no donation requirements (AQ map 3)

Hey, I'm a serious player looking to avoid alliance quest for a while and just focus on war. I want to prep for Labyrinth and save loyalty and other resources without all my stuff going into donations. If you have an alliance in tier 1-3 for AW and run chill on low AQ maps I'd love to talk.


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    JJGJJG Posts: 145
    Bobbanmillan if you could friend add me on mcoc
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    Hey I’m interested too, my current ally is aq focused on map 3 and no war whatsoever and honestly I’m looking for aw as I want to get more crystal shards rather than basic cat shards all the time ... plus is getting so boring
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    Galactus12348Galactus12348 Posts: 19
    you can join mine, its new, and we'll be doing more war than aq. the name is The Electric Gaming Squad.
    check us out and send a request if you want
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    Hey Bobban and Ramztek, contact me on Line. My id is romellogrean. We might be a good fit for you both
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