1.9M Alliance looking for active players, running Alliance Quest map 3, active on Alliance Wars, Summoner advancement, requirements join Slack chat app be active Alliance Quest and Alliance War and progress in the game! Friend me if interested! Game name Jr Navy SEALnjk68t1vqv2x.png


  • MetalexMetalex Posts: 1
    edited March 14
    This is EXILES (10.5M Alliance) and NOW RECRUITING !!

    Map 5x5 AQ (Elite Tier) Gold 2 AW (4600+ Prestige)

    • Rank Rewards earned with NO Event Minimums required
    • MUST have a solid roster with enough 4-star R5 champs or equivalent for AQ & AW offense/defense.
    • Weekly donation: 117K gold | 26K arena | 11K loyalty.
    • We are a fun organized group that communicates very well during AQ and AW.
    • Our goal this season is Gold 1
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