Can't u guys give us a 4 star awekening gem in this year ,2018


  • VulcanMVulcanM Posts: 195
    explore act 4 and 5.1
  • Kil63Kil63 Posts: 218
    year just started lol
  • ShadithaShaditha Posts: 3
    I mean giving awekening gem as a gift
  • I'm moving this to Suggestions and Requests since it's not a Bug.
  • You can not obtain awakening in act 4 and 5 any time. Only once.
  • DiablosUltimateDiablosUltimate Posts: 362
    edited January 13
    There are special events from time to time that reward 4star awakening gem. Last one was goldblum event. Then, I got 2 4star awakening gems from greater gifting crystals in december. Sometimes there are pretty affordable unit offers for these, I recall getting one for just 1000 units. So yeah, there are some additional sources of these
  • Spurgeo14Spurgeo14 Posts: 731
    Scottryan wrote: »
    You can get them any time from act 4 and 5.1. Also there are celebrety events every little while which make people who already have that content done able to get more of them

    You can't get them anytime if you have already completed these only get them once.

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